torch-fired enamel 'acorns' on jade and agate necklace #southernfriedartistJade and agate beads in shades of coral-red combined with swarovski crystals and enamel beads created to resemble acorns. Several coats of transparent shades of mandarin, green and pink are torch-fired at 1500 degrees to produce the luster finish you see.

Beads are hand braided onto Chinese knotting cord which keeps the necklace soft to the touch and allows it to fall gracefully.

Whether you wear this long or wrap it to make a statement necklace, you will look simply fabulous!

Inspired by the photo seen here as well as my love of crisp mornings, plaid tailgating blankets, soft sweaters and everything “fall”. Lush and lovely colors that only nature can provide.nature-wallpapers-red-autumn-leaves-wallpaper-31325

PWF book #2

mastering torch-fired enamel jewelry, Barbara Lewis, #southernfriedartistHere it is – the second book by Barbara Lewis. Not only did I have the opportunity to purchase it directly from the author in her St. Petersburg, FL studio/shop, but I also had the pleasure of taking her teacher certification course.

Barbara’s enthusiasm and ease at teaching made it a pleasure to take a course from her. I highly recommend that if you ever find yourself in St. Pete, that you drop in – or better yet, sign up for one of her courses.

What do you get when you let a free-spirit gypsy loose in an art studio? You’ll get my unique approach to creating one-of-a-kind treasures. Whether you wear one of my enameled jewelry pieces or use one of my reclaimed vintage [RE]-fried bags: each piece is inspired by what I find in my daily interactions with the world around me. When you own one of my pieces – you are truly in possession of something exclusive and unique.