fall garden


1450323_500728720043496_1309276609_n999198_500728756710159_906793678_nFall may be the time of year where folks believe that things are getting ready for the slumber of winter.

I think that fall produces some of the most beautiful subtle colors. Hand-formed metal bases are coated with muted enamel colors. These are torch-fired at 1500 degrees to produce a long wearing finish.

As you can see by this inspirational photo – there are fall hues that are high contrast, but light in color. Lovely enough to wear anytime, these earrings are sure to become a favorite of yours.c4d50c0ad24f5808840f2da4a4a2aec7

sari silk

IMG_4055Inspired piece of pale blue enamel work with multicolored head pins. This piece replicates the true feel of a natural flower that has been captured by torch-fired enameling. Silk and enamel work well together since they both have subtle changes in color. Works well as a dressy piece or wear it with your favorite white t-shirt.

Inspiration can strike in the most odd places sometimes.ffca5e132135e962511c79b0d3a5fdc3 It can happen even while you looking for color ideas for other projects. This photo below was meant to inspire a knitting project – but instead, inspired this necklace.

blue buckle

IMG_4052Not a leather wrap bracelet, but one that buckles. Comfortable and soft to wear. Accented with torch-fired sky blue enamel flowers. Using several different vitreous enamel colors and a torch to create a soft, yet appealing color of blue. Great for everyday wear.

Inspiration can come from others who create beauty as well. This piece displays the same dessert colors and is hand woven. It’s what inspired my bracelet.1746644058af1977c72a22db2e6a6e62

calla lily

IMG_4035Inspired by nature herself. Rolled copper, die cut discs were hand-formed into a Calla lily shape. Handmade enamel head pins were added for interest and movement. Suspended from silver plate ear wires makes for easy wear. IMG_4032



Inspiration for color may come from nature. But, in this case it not only inspired the colors of fire red and bitter green enamel, but the shape as well. The perfection of the Calla Lily shown here was what inspired these light weight earrings. a2dd496208c9488b2380cdadefcb1e5c

fall leaves

IMG_4018Fall can be a new beginning and a time to experience things that are warm and comfortable. There soft leather wrap bracelets invoke both feelings of warmth, through the use of color, and comfort in the rich dark brown leather. The enamels are torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees to preserve the colors that mother nature hides from us most of the year.

Fall is a great time of color and no better way to be inspired than by the photo shown here.942ff13388c009b39f17404a52baf0ab